Effective Money Habits to Start in Your 20s

twenties saving moneyYou have heard it said that you blink and your life passes you by.  One thing you need to be sure happens before it is too late is establishing good money habits to ensure financial happiness through the rest of your life.  Here are 5 habits to implement in your 20s to start yourself on the best financial path.

Start a Budget

Budget and 20s don’t usually belong in the same sentence, but to start you off on the right … Continue Reading

Try Using ATMs Instead of Banking at a Branch

ATM ImageWith the growth of online banking, going to a branch for your banking needs may only be necessary to get your sucker fix.  But, have you ever thought about how convenient it is to use an automatic teller machine (ATM)?  I for one haven’t ever been one to use an ATM for more than withdrawing money on random occasions about once every couple of years.  But ATMs are becoming more useful and making banking at a branch location less … Continue Reading

Applying for Scholarships is Certainly Worth Every Headache

Applying for Scholarships

I was strongly encouraged to earn an education. My parents had saved some money over the years to help with school, but being the youngest of eight children and the daughter of teachers, I couldn’t expect to have money to cover the entire cost of college. Since college was my goal, I prepared and applied for scholarships. Because of those scholarships, I was able to receive my bachelor’s degree without any student loans or debt.

Scholarships are an essential tool … Continue Reading

Is Spring Being Replaced with Screens? Here are Inexpensive Spring Activities for the Family

Spring activities

The first day of spring has officially come and gone. The leaves are starting to bud and flowers are starting to bloom. The earth is starting to green up and the brown of winter is fading. And, most kids won’t even see the beauty that is Spring because they can’t get their eyes off the screens in front of them.

Are Your Kids Attached to Screens?

“I’m bored . . . there is nothing to do!” This technological age has … Continue Reading

Student Loans – The Easy Answer to Pay for School, Right?

student loans

As a parent, you are concerned for your child’s well being and eventual success in life. For most people, this vision usually includes some type of college. The word college can be overwhelming to some parents, since in order to start saving for college you have to start early in your child’s life.  You might not think it is important to save for your child’s education. If that’s the case, are student loans what you will rely on?

The Price

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