FNBO DIRECT BANK – current rate – 1.1% apy

With FNBO direct online bank . . . . there are NO monthly fees or a minimum balance for a saving account.  This is a good deal if you only have a few hundred dollars laying around.

Got to love that feeling . . . . With FNBO someone can open up an account with as little as $1.00

With FNBO they offer mobile account information when someone is on the go and someone can set up recurring deposits into their saving accounts to watch their money grow.

A few FACTS about FNBO

- Located in  Omaha, Nebraska with a strong banking heritage that is over 150 years.

- Open in 1857 and now is the largest privately owned banking company in the USA with more than 6.6 million customers.

- Has more than 6,000 employees located in 35 states.

To open up an ONLINE saving account, it is pretty easy and pain free.  It takes around 15minutes to do the application process and you have to be 18 years or older. The current APY rate is 1.1 %. If you want to learn more about FNBO, read our FNBO bank review

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