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Citizens Trust Bank Review

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  • Financial Rates: 3.0 Star Icon
  • Customer Service: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Website Experience: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Bank Fees: 3.0 Star Icon


  • Variety of personal deposit accounts
  • Most accounts have low opening amounts
  • Business accounts available
  • Other products offered


  • Most accounts have a monthly fee
  • Not all accounts can be opened online
  • Personal accounts have low-interest rates
  • Jumbo and regular CDs earn same rates

What You Need to Know

Citizens Trust Bank has a variety of personal deposit accounts. There is a checking account for students and those over 50 years old. Different checking accounts require different daily balances. Citizens Trust Bank offers holiday saving accounts and youth accounts. Their saving accounts require different balances. This allows you to find the account best for your finances.

Low opening required amounts for most Citizens Trust Bank accounts. The amounts needed to open accounts range from $25 to $100. Most checking accounts require $50 to open. The basic savings account requires $100 to open. CDS require $500 to open. The money market account and Silver Investor savings account have higher opening amounts. They require between $1,000 to $5,000.

Citizens Trust Bank offers business accounts. Checking and savings accounts are available. There are different merchant services and cash management options available to businesses. They also offer loans, credit cards, and investment accounts for businesses.

There are a variety of different products offered through Citizens Trust Bank. They offer personal and business credit cards and loans. They offer Investment accounts and different types of insurance, including life insurance, disability insurance, and final expense insurance.

Most Citizens Trust Bank accounts have a monthly fee. The fees range from $0.30 per check or debit card transaction to $15 a month. Waive the fees by keeping a minimum balance in the account. The required balances range from $5 to $7,500 depending on the account. Some accounts require enrolling in online banking and receiving eStatements.

Not all Citizens Trust Bank accounts can be opened online. Some accounts require visiting one of the Citizens Trust Bank financial centers. The youth savings account and the Christmas Club account must be opened in a branch location.

The interest rates for Citizens Trust Bank are low. The rates are similar to your typical brick and mortar bank rates. Their rates are not competitive with online bank rates.

Citizens Trust Bank offers regular and jumbo CDs. The regular CDs require $500 to open. The jumbo CDs require $100,000 to open. The interest rates are the same for the regular CDs and the jumbo CDs. Both rates are not competitive with other online accounts. The CDs range from seven-days to five-year terms.

Cool Things

Citizens Trust Bank Blog

On their website is a link to their blog. Their blog features a variety of financial topics to help their customers. The topics cover filing for bankruptcy and building credit. Paying down debt and learning how to stop living paycheck to paycheck are other topics. Their Facebook page has financial articles as well.


Heman E. Perry founded Citizens Trust Bank in 1921. The bank opened as one that primarily served African American’s in Georgia. In the next few years, the bank built 200 homes with bathrooms and water. They built homes with terms their customers could meet.

In 1947, Citizens Trust Bank was asked to become a member of the Federal Bank Reserve Bank. This was the first African American owned bank in the U.S. to become a member.

By 1971, Citizens Trust Bank had $34 million in assets. It was one of the largest African American owned banks in the country. By 2000, they had 13 branch locations. The branches are African American owned and operated, but they serve all citizens of the community.

Awards and Recognition

  • Credit cards awarded by Kiplinger, Money Magazine, and Clark Howard, for low rates and no fees

Giving Back

Citizens Trust Bank sponsors "A Night Under the Stars." They have sponsored this event for the past ten years. It is a candlelight concert. They partner with Atlanta's Historic West End to bring this concert to the community they serve.

Citizens Trust Bank participated in the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit. This conference took place in North Carolina. The conference supports small business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Bank FDIC insured?

Yes. Citizens Trust Bank is FDIC insured. The FDIC is an agency of the United States government that protects funds deposited in banks, up to $250,000 per customer, per bank. The money deposited in FDIC insured banks means money is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

How do I access my money?

With ATM or debit cards and checks. You can also access your money with online bill pay, electronic transfers, or by visiting a local branch.

Does this bank offer mobile banking?

Yes. With the Citizens Trust Bank app, you can make deposits, check balances, and set up alerts. You can transfer money, pay bills, and pay people with Popmoney.

Is this a good bank?

Citizens Trust Bank offers a variety of personal deposit accounts. The interest rates are low. Not all accounts can be opened online. Business accounts are available through Citizens Trust Bank.

Is this bank free?

No. Most Citizens Trust Bank accounts have a monthly fee. Waive the fees by having a set balance in the account. The balance changes depending on the account.

Is this bank secure online?

Citizens Trust Bank provides your accounts with the latest security software. Accounts are password protected.

Does this bank offer competitive interest rates?

No. The interest rates are not competitive with other online-only accounts. Their rates are similar to your typical brick and mortar bank rates.

Can I use this bank for my business accounts?

Yes. Citizens Trust Bank offers a variety of business accounts. Checking, savings, and investing accounts are available. Also offered are loans, credit cards, and merchant processing services.

How is the online bank different from the online banking my bank offers?

It is the same. The interest rates are the same. Not all accounts can be opened online.

Do their checking accounts pay interest?

Some Citizens Trust Bank checking accounts earn interest. The rates are low, but they do earn interest.

How do I reach customer service?

Through email, phone, or by visiting a local branch location. Customer service is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET. You can follow Citizens Trust Bank on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Does this bank offer bill pay?

Yes. Citizens Trust Bank offers bill pay for their checking accounts.

Can I deposit cash?

Yes, at local branch locations.

How long do transfers take?

Deposits are typically available the next business day. This includes mobile deposits.

Can I sign up for direct deposit to this account?

Yes. Money can be directly deposited into Citizens Trust Bank checking or savings accounts.

Bank Contact Information

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