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First Tech Federal Credit Union Review

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  • Financial Rates: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Customer Service: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Website Experience: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Bank Fees: 5.0 Star Icon


  • Dividend Rewards checking earns great rates
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • CDs offer competitive rates
  • Low opening required amounts


  • Must become a member first
  • Tiered interest rates
  • High opening amount for Instant Access
  • Low daily ATM withdrawal amount

What You Need to Know

The Dividend Rewards checking account earns competitive interest rates. To earn the most competitive rate has some requirements. You must have 12 debit card purchases each month and have one direct deposit or ACH withdrawal. You must also receive electronic statements. The competitive rate is for any balance from $0.01 to $15,000. Balance over $15,000 earns a lower rate.

First Tech savings and checking accounts do not have monthly fees. The is no minimum balance required to keep in the account to waive the monthly fees. These accounts are free.

The CDs offered through First Tech offer competitive interest rates. The terms range from six-month to 60-month terms. Each of the terms earns rates competitive with other online CDs. Each term only requires $500 to open.

First Tech has low required amounts to open their accounts. The checking accounts require $0.01 to open. Two of the savings accounts require $0.01 or $5.00 to open. Each of the CD terms requires $500 to open.

To open an account with First Tech, you must be a member of the credit union. You are eligible to be a member if you work for certain tech companies or the state of Oregon. If you live or work in Lane County, Oregon, you are eligible. Immediate family members of members are eligible. You can also become a member by joining the Computer History Museum or the Financial Fitness Association.

The Instant Access savings account with First Tech has tiered interest rates. To earn the most competitive rate, you must have a balance of $750,000. Balances under this amount still earn interest, just not the most competitive rate.

The Instant Access savings account has a high opening required amount. To open this account requires $5,000. There is no monthly fee for this account.

First Tech members can only withdraw $500 per day, per cardholder from ATMs. This limit is for First Tech ATMs. Other ATMs may allow for more, but you may be charged a fee. If you need more than $500 at one time visit a branch location.

Cool Things

Financial Calculators

The First Tech website offers financial calculators. With these tools you can learn the value of a college degree or if you should consolidate debt. You can see how much home or car you can afford and how long it will take you to reach your savings goal.


The first branch location of First Tech Credit Union opened in 1952. It started with a few workers from Hewlett-Packard and Tektronix. By 1989, their credit union offered the first online banking. By 2000, they had launched mobile banking. In 2007, they started two-factor authentication to further protect their members. By 2015, they offered even more security through chip and PIN-enabled debit and credit cards.

Today First Tech has over 500,000 members with over $11 billion in assets. They now have more than 1,400 employees with branch locations in eight states and Puerto Rico.

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Financial Institution in Oregon and California by MONEY in 2017

    • Best Credit Unions in the U.S. by Bankrate in 2017
    • Ranked among the nations top ten credit unions by S&P in 2017
    • Ranked #16 in all the U.S. credit unions by S&P in 2017
    • Among safest credit unions in the country by NCUA

    Giving Back

    In 2017, First Tech provided over $1 million to their communities. This money was specifically for STEM education and financial education.

    First Tech Federal Credit Union awarded over $57,000 in scholarships in 2017. This money went to First Tech members working to achieve higher education. They also donated more than $1.3 million to different children health organizations.

    Additional Benefits of First Tech

    Personal deposit accounts offered through First Tech can be opened online. Once you become a member, you can open accounts online.

    First Tech offers business accounts. Those accounts include a business checking account and two savings accounts. They also offer CDs for businesses. The business accounts do not have the option to open online.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is First Tech FDIC insured?

    Yes. First Tech Federal Credit Union is backed by the National Credit Union Association. The NCUA is an agency of the United States government. It protects funds deposited in credit unions, up to $250,000 per customer, per credit union. The money deposited in NCUA insured credit unions means money is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

    How do I access my money?

    Through ATM or debit cards, checks, or electronic transfers. You can access your money through bill pay, Zelle, or by visiting a local branch location.

    Does First Tech offer mobile banking?

    Yes. With the mobile app, you can transfer money and contact customer service. With the app, you can make mobile deposits and transfer money with Zelle.

    Is First Tech free?

    Yes. Their accounts do not have monthly maintenance fees. They are completely free.

    Is First Tech a good credit union?

    The interest rates on most accounts are competitive if you meet the set requirements. There are a wide variety of accounts and other services. Personal deposit accounts can be opened online. The opening required amounts for most accounts are low. There are no monthly maintenance fees. You do have to become a member to open any accounts with First Tech.

    Is First Tech secure online?

    First Tech offers security measures that comply with federal laws. Their computers have safeguards. Their files and buildings are secure. First Tech offers Secure Sockets Layering and information is encrypted. You are automatically signed out after a period of inactivity online.

    Does First Tech offer competitive interest rates?

    The Dividend Rewards checking account and CDs earn competitive interest rates. The Instant Access savings account has tiered interest rates. To earn the most competitive rate requires a balance of $750,000. The other savings account rates are not competitive with online accounts.

    Can I use First Tech for my business accounts?

    Yes. First Tech offers checking and savings accounts for businesses, as well as CDs. Members cannot open business accounts online.

    How is First Tech online banking different from the online banking my bank offers?

    The interest rates on most accounts are more competitive than typical bank rates. Personal deposit accounts can be opened online. Everything for those accounts is online.

    Do First Tech checking accounts pay interest?

    Yes. The Dividend Rewards checking account earns competitive rates. You must meet qualifications each month to earn the competitive rate. If you qualify, the rates are competitive with other online checking accounts.

    How do I reach customer service?

    By phone, email, mail, or by visiting a local branch location. You can follow First Tech on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

    Does First Tech offer bill pay?

    Yes. First Tech offers bill pay with their accounts.

    Can I deposit cash?

    Yes, at a local branch location.

    How long do transfers take?

    Deposits made during regular business hours typically fund the same day. Deposits made after business hours tend to fund the next business day.

    Can I sign up for direct deposit to First Tech accounts?

    Yes. You can have money directly deposited into your First Tech accounts.

    Credit Union Contact Information

    PO Box 2100
    Beaverton, OR 97075
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