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State Farm Bank Comparisons

How does State Farm Bank compare to other banks?

See how State Farm Bank compares with the rest of the banks BankTruth has reviewed.

State Farm Bank

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mma 11/18/2019
APY 2.00%
Intro Rate 1.98%
Intro Duration 12 Months
Post Intro 1.00%
For APY $500
Monthly Fee $0.00
Checkbook Yes
Earn a top 5% yield- always! Open an Account today. FDIC insured.
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Capital One
savings 11/18/2019
APY 1.80%
Rate 1.79%
For APY $0
Monthly Fee $0.00
Checkbook Yes
Introducing 360 Performance Savings-All Balances Earn 1.80% APY
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